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FTX Investigating Possible Hack, Reports Say
Hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency funds have apparently vanished from the bankrupt crypto exchange's accounts.

What Makes a Shitcoin 'Shit'? Major Figures in Crypto Disagree - Decrypt
That's a good question, with 10k plus coins on the market, and a lot of shitty tokens with no purpose other than make the owners richer!

5 Best Crypto Exchanges of November 2022
Decentralisation was such a lovely start! Until every miningpool broke that rule, BTC was never ment to be centralised!!. DEX should be promoted , but I see it like doomsday is already arrived for the CC community's all around the world ! ! Just my two fucking cents!

Monero Observer - 101 things Monero can buy
What 101 things Monero can buy you ?

Cryptovalutabeurs Binance gaat concurrent FTX toch niet overnemen
When the ship goes down, you better be ready :)

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