Data Crow - FOSS - cross-platform
Data Crow is a free, open-source media cataloger and organizer, a multi-purpose tool that helps you to manage a massive amount of data in a single place.

We're transforming internet routing: Introducing Bunny DNS!
Lets test someday :) DNS related stuff!

GitHub - trojan-gfw/trojan: An unidentifiable mechanism that helps you bypass GFW.
Bypass the "Great Firewall" with Trojan - Original found at the Hack Liberty Instance!!

Nederlandse politie arresteert man om maken van deepfakeporno van BN'er
Dit soort figuren moeten eigenlijk 10+ jaar geen toegang meer mogen krijgen tot het internet!

Opensource Audio Editor

Opensource protocol analyzer and packetsniffer

Gqrx is an open source software defined radio receiver (SDR) powered by the GNU Radio and the Qt graphical toolkit.
Gqrx supports many of the SDR hardware available, including Airspy, Funcube Dongles, rtl-sdr, HackRF and USRP devices. See supported devices for a complete list.

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